Halapata Chobee (Big Alligator)

I’ve been tussling with the idea of writing about alligators over the past few weeks. I was inspired by a story told to me first hand by a couple of delightful and intrepid ladies. The account of their alligator adventure caused me to laugh out loud every time I have tried to put the story on paper. It is difficult to write while laughing. The account also caused me to relive or rather revive some of my own encounters. Continue reading “Halapata Chobee (Big Alligator)”

Finding Osceola


I spent a few hours this week looking back over some old articles I had written for the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s publication, The Seminole Tribune. Struck by a renewed sense of adventure I recalled the places I had been and the people I had met. The mid 90’s through 2001 had been a period of my life highlighted by travel, photography, and writing. So many memories of characters, places, good luck, and near misses punctuated this period; every now and then the magic happens outside of the story. Continue reading “Finding Osceola”